April Special

Monday, March 31, 2008

this is my third six degree connect.. An attempt has been made to make it both easy and tuf at the same time, so as to cater to the taste of novices, connect enthusiasts and hard core quizzers alike.. do drop in ur valuable comments
please mail ur answers to ananthashankar@yahoo.co.in

1. Akamai

2. WTC

3. the base (foundation)

4.Buddhas of Bamyan

5. 8 (yes , just the number 8)

6. Oxygen

7. Aerobic

Crack me If U Can

Friday, March 21, 2008

I found this one a bit tuf (yeah just a bit) so dropped in a few clues here and there


2. the girl in the right (clue in the pic itself)

3.Sunil Shetty

4. Sepoy Sanjay Kumar

5. Mossad

6.Adolf Eichmann

7. silver (clue :does it look greek and latin???)

1. Eldest daughter of Laloo is MISA bharathi, an Obvious reference to the MISA act of Indira Gandhi

2. Sunil shetty acted in the movie Padmashree Laloo prasad yadav.

3.Sunil played the role of sepoy sanjaykumar in LOC kargil.

4.Mossad is Israel intelligence agency. The connect is that Israel had discreetly aided India with ordnance supply and material such as unmanned aerial vehicles and laser-guided bombs, as well as satellite imagery.

5.Adolf eichmann was one o the first successful captures of mossad. He was involved in mass deportation to ghettos and extermination camps in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe.

6. when This happened Eichmann was hiding in argentina which derives its name from argentums meaning silver!!!!

Scores.. A good high scoring set i believe..
Mahmood Hussain - 55
Govind Paliath - 55
Kamal Rathi - 55
kshira sagar -45
Sylvian Patrick -55
Rajimuth - 40
Subha -10

First six degrees question

Saturday, March 15, 2008

1.Chatrapati Shivaji

3. Baba

4. "A kiss on the cheek" (clue think tamil)

5."one tear drop.. upon the cheek of time"

Abode of peace


connects go as follows

1.Chatrapati Shivaji and Parrys Corner - Shivaji
visited The Kalikamba Temple in Parry's Corner to seek
her blessings in 1677. many got it wrong here.

2. Parrys Corner and Baba - The Kalikamba Temple
played a very important role in the Baba movie... the song sequence Shakti kodu was shot at the dhyana mandir if this famous temple (the temple is frequented by many stars most importantly Rajnikant, and meena )

3. Baba and Kiss on the cheek - Baba and Kannathil
Muthamittal both movies the music is scored by AR
Rahman He got a national award for kannathil muthamittal

4.Ek mohabbet mohabbet was the album that ARR did for the Taj. One tear drop...upon the cheek of time & Abode of
peace - first one is how Tagore describe Taj Mahal

5. Abode of Peace - Shantiniketan, ofcourse founded by

6. Bhubandanga & Abode of Peace - Shantiniketan was
previously called as Bhubandanga and was owned by
Tagore Family

Scores.. decent response, thanks to everyone

Govind (gerimox) - 40
Sylvian patrick - 40
kshira saagar - 35
rajesh mohan - 25
kunal - 25
manas nayak- 15
asish aggarval - 5

Six degrees of seperation

hi everyone. with the success of the six degrees genre of questions at my college quizzes, i've decided to start a blog to feature six degrees questions. They are really a great learning experience.

well the structure goes like this.
There will be seven keywords/pictures with specific/ general connects. its enough if u explain the connects bet the two keywords. Remember that there is no single connect for the entire seven keyword/pics, but specific individual connects bet keyword1 and keyword2, keyword2 and keyword3 and so on.. as a result there are six connects.

the points system is also different. you get five points for each connect, and five extra for each consecutive connect. for example, if u find the connect bet q1 and q2 and q2 and q3, u get 5 points each for getting the connect, and another 5 for getting two consecutive connects.

So there are 55 points up for grabs for each question. challenge your brains and enjoy the game